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Since last I was on the internet, I have been magically transported(1) from Gniezno, Poland to Berlin, Germany. While Gniezno was picturesque and lovely, I must admit I'm happy to be in a less foreign-feeling locale. Many of the people here speak English, and even if a grouchy woman yelled at me for not knowing how to open the door into the ATM room at the bank, a nice man later made up for it by bringing me tasty food and drinks and being generally charming. Also, I like cities.

On the other hand, while in Poland I perfected my skills of pointing, nodding enthusiastically, and handing over way more money than the purchase calls for just to be sure I'm covering it. Overall, it was fine, and an adventure, but tiring.

Here, our freaky good luck continued when, though the key that was left for us to get into our apartment didn't work on the front door into the building, one of the doors was open, so we were able to slip in. The key DID work on our apartment, and inside, it contained two sets of keys that DO work on the front door. And also an unexpected ethernet cord, which we thought we would have to rent or buy. It's like the cord was an apology from the apartment gods for the key mixup.

Our apartment is sweet and welcoming.

We wandered around our neighborhood and found a small, cozy place for dinner -- the first place this trip (despite our time in Poland) to offer pirogi -- and then started what I intend to be a tradition of at least one ice cream cone per day, as ice cream seems to be ubiquitous and popular around here. Also, the charming man who brought us drinks gave us a suggestion for a park to visit tomorrow, which I think we will do.

(1) Which is to say, an extremely tolerant taxi driver who managed to suss out our destination despite not a word of shared language and a faulty google map, a rickety local train, a smooth but slightly smelly express train, an s-bahn train and a u-bahn train. Plus, some walking. But now we're here, so nevermind!
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