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So, I have my plane tickets for Guatemala (woo!) and i've been getting good amounts of sleep (woo!) so my mood is shifting from "AAAAAIIIIEEEE!!" to "Woohoo! Eeek! Woohoo! Eeek!" So that's good.

A number of folks have asked if I'll be doing lj from Xela, and the answer is: "Sorta." I'm told there are internet cafes near where I'll be studying, so I'll be able to read and write email and lj, but I don't plan to do it daily. So I'm likely to miss a lot. If there's something on your lj that's important to you that I read, you might consider emailing me. :)

Another number of folks have asked where they can mail actual physical letters and stuff to me. I have no idea. There's a chance I won't have a mailing address because I'll be moving around a bit, and I'm not under an umbrella program that can coordinate mail. But I'll let you all know if/when I know :)

In other news, when a kitten falls into a bathtub, it's a good idea to wrap your hands in kevlar before lifting him out. Lesson learned.

I had a lovely day yesterday with Kim, Kcat, Gabe and Seth at Walden Pond. That's one of my summer resolutions checked off, and it was really nice to get to swim! And the day before that, I had my going away lunch with former coworkers at the Elephant Walk. It was a tasty lunch, as usual, and they gave me a neato pen that I can clip to my backpack and stretch out on its retractable cord, and also a really nice journal. Perfect, since I've been planning to get a journal to have with me. It's "chili pepper red", so it should be difficult to lose.

Now I'm off to do some more cleaning in preparation for the people painting party. Woop!

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