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So, I took my ailing computer to the Apple geniuses a couple of weeks ago, because it wasn't seeing its battery, though it works fine when plugged in. They looked at it, tentatively diagnosed the battery connector, and said it would take a few days to fix. At the time, I was working on some things that made it a bad time to be without it, but this week was better, so I took it in and left it with them on Tuesday.

Yesterday, they called to tell me that it's also the logic board. And it'll be a $755 flat rate to fix it.

This makes me sad. I can't really see spending that much to fix a 3 year old computer, either, which also makes me sad.

But it still works fine as a very portable machine as long as I keep it plugged in, which makes me happy(ier). Though, obviously, I suppose the logic board itself could fail at any time. I'm kind of inclined to stick with this for the time being, with frequent backups, 'cause I don't really feel like spending gobs of money either to repair or replace it.

*sigh* Stupid computers.

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