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jojotbird took this awesome picture of me at the gloryhole yesterday during our six hour glassblowing workshop. Click through to see more. The theme was pumpkins, so we were making pumpkins and gourds, both solid and blown.

Six hours was a long time, but our instructor, Keith, kept things moving, and there were three of us in the class, which meant that we took turns making things, so we all got a little down time between pieces. By the end of the day, we'd each made 5 or 6 items, which I can hardly wait to pick up tomorrow! I actually don't remember the colors and shapes I ended up making, so it'll be a fun surprise, I think. I hope :)

I wasn't at all nervous going into the workshop, but as we walked through what we'd be doing, I got more and more nervous. That glass is hot! And, of course, I kept imagining how horribly wrong it could all go. After the first run through, though, it became clear that though things could go horribly wrong, the most likely versions of disaster would simply mean screwing up the piece I'm working on, and that's a kind of fuckup I can live with.

Our instructor did a good job of letting us do enough that we really were making the objects, but stepping in enough to make sure that the objects were, you know, recognizable as what they were. Pretty great, really.

I think I'm gonna go back.
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