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The big win in a laundromat is that you get x number of loads done in the time it would take to do one at home, unless you have a whole pile of washers and dryers at home. The major drawback comes in when you don't have enough quarters, and you only have bills larger than $1 and the change machine only takes $1s. Then you end up with partially dry laundry. This is only really annoying if the air is full of water and therefore nothing dries. Boy, am I looking forward to some crisp fall days!

So. On my kitchen-witch list:
- sesame honey soap: 10/19. (Maybe another flavor batch at the same time? Dunno.) - Blueberry jam, syrup and cordial: 10/5. (Maybe apples and pumpkins at the same time.)
- Applefest (pies, sauces, butter, etc): 10/26?
- Candles: 11/2
- Apple picking: presumably before applefest, could go more than once (ouch! twist my arm)
- Other cordials to try? Hmmm. Must chat with Jack.
- Get windowboxes and plant herbs: lavender, peppermint, lemon basil, lemon verbena, chamomile. Maybe spearmint, another variety of basil and nettle. Maybe growing nettles is a bad idea. Peppers?
- New recipes to try include avocado lime pie and an acorn-based stew (first need to find acorns to use and turn them into the right texture.)

I need to get cracking on winning the lottery so I have more time for all this stuff.

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