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Ended my 26th year in Maine, with razil and some sushi. Started my 27th year also in Maine, but soon after, I hopped on the bus back to Boston and got a VM from mom and dad singing the timeless classic "Happy Birthday" -- yay!

I have a slight cold, so I took it easy in the afternoon. I'd forgotten how much I love showering in the middle of the day -- I did it all the time in college, when I had a really flexible schedule, and now that I'm not working, I can do the same. There's something really leisurely and wonderful about an early afternoon shower.

dbang took me out for Ethiopian for dinner (nummy! although the service was less than ideal) and then we met minemi for ice cream at Christina's. I really love it when I can get people from different circles of my life together to meet, and they seemed to hit it off pretty well, which made me happy, of course :)

I'm in that funny stretch of years where it's easy to forget just which age it is. I couldn't remember if I was turning 26 or 27 this year, and I imagine it'll be like that for the next couple. People keep assuring me that 30 will be a biggie, but, well, I guess I'll just have to wait and see. I'm continuing my attempts to downplay my birthdays so as to avoid disappointment if they don't meet my high hopes, and so far, so good.

I should bed early tonight and hope to sleep late, although it's a little too late to be in bed early, actually. Ahh well, I can still sleep in. I'm really enjoying not working these days!

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