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What I did on my Wednesday vacation

Dear Internet,

Yesterday, I took a vacation. Instead of going to work, I drove (well, passenged) 5.5 hours to Montreal with moominmolly and Natalie, spent about the same amount of time kicking around the city and looking at bugs, then drove back to Boston, arriving home shortly before 2am.

While we were away from Boston, we:

* ate tasty beef jerky
* discussed major and minor life events
* cracked jokes
* giggled
* watched a lot of vidoes (actually, just N did this)
* were hassled by a Canadian border guard about the possibility that M was kidnapping N out of the country
* were impressed by Canada's careful security procedures ("Do you know this woman?" "Yes." "How long have you known her?" "Six or seven years." "Is she telling the truth?" "Yes!" "Okay, you can go ahead.")
* drove by an extraordinarily stinky sewer truck
* navigated Montreal largely without the help of our magical phones
* discussed making a lampshade out of cockroach wings
* ate a delicious meal at a restaurant with amazingly bad service
* bought pain killers that are not available in the US
* dropped off a box on lightcastle's doorstep
* drove around in well-signed circles trying to get back on the highway
* panicked about a lost passport
* unlost the passport
* took a wrong turn at nowhere and therefore took a different route home
* got really tired

It was great.

Next time I go to Montreal, though, I think I'd like to spend a night there.
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