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dude, where's my driver?

Yesterday, moominmolly, N and I were driving around running errands when this happened:

I was driving the zipcar, and pulled into a parking lot. There was a car in front of us, which was stopped, so I stopped to wait for it to move forward. Then, it started to back up. I waited for a moment for the driver to realize there was a car behind her, saw there was something hanging in the back seat that might block her view, and honked. She stopped, so I stopped honking. Then she started to back up again. So, I honked again, and she stopped. THEN she backed into us.

Seriously, wtf? I got out of the car and made indignant noises at her, and she looked completely confused, like she had no idea what had just happened. I think it was only as I was asking, "What the hell!" that she put it together that the honking had been coming from the car she just backed into.

Honestly, some people should not be allowed. And she's at the top of the list.

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