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This letter to the Globe is making me giggle. I feel bad for the guy that he's so upset by people swearing, but ... I just can't stop laughing about it! I'd like foul language to be my biggest complaint about people I encounter in public places!

Letter reproduced for posterity:

IT PAINS me to have to write this letter, but I feel I must on behalf of the many good men, women, and children who use public transportation across this great state. Over the past several months, I’ve noticed an increase in the use of profanity and vulgar subject matter among some passengers riding the MBTA - mostly young people and some adults who should know better.

It seems as if they feel compelled to use the F bomb, the N word and other foul utterances in front of other commuters sharing the ride. One day, I watched and listened in disbelief as two teens shouted across the tracks to each other in front of a platform full of people using the most profane language imaginable.

It doesn’t stop there. One evening, within hearing range of a bus of mostly elderly women and children, I heard a group of T employees, including the driver, having a conversation as if they were in the center of a men’s locker room. I was so angry that I spoke up, telling the driver that I was sure that his mother did not raise him to talk that way.

A little courtesy goes a long way: It’s a matter of respect for self and others. Perhaps the T should put up signs, make announcements, and issue fines or citations for this type of behavior. After all, the T is public transportation, and the public doesn’t have to put up with it.

Wendell Edmonds

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