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So, I'm back from the wilds of Wyoming! It was a great trip, as usual, this time with the additional awesome of having contessagrrl with us for part of my time there. I utterly adore sharing my home town with people in my current life, and it was extra fun to get to do it in the wintertime, since most people decide to vacation in Wyoming in the summer (and who can blame them, really?)

While I was there, I:

*saw loads of people who've known me since I was a baby
*took a wagon ride on the elk refuge
*took a sleigh ride to feed some cows and horses
*got snow in my shoes climbing up a hill to a bonfire
*saw more stars than we ever see in the city
*convinced my sister-in-law's dog that I'm nice
*failed to sleep nearly as much as I would have liked
*saw the beginnings of my parents' new house!
*felt both part of and apart from the community I grew up part of
*fantasized about never having to go back to work
*thought about all the people I want to bring to visit

I hope to write more about some of those things later in the week.
Tags: family, friends, introspection, travel, wyoming

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