ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Tonight, I had a really nice meeting of the discussion group I facilitate. It was the last official meeting before my trip, which, had I been thinking, I probably would have advertized so that people who wanted to see me could come. As it happened, though, it worked out perfectly, because two of my favorite attendees came, and I got to spend a very nice evening catching up with them, and saying goodbye, in particular, to one, who is moving to Buffalo.

I'm waffling today between being excited about Guatemala, and generally depressed and prickly. I've decided that every day, I should read something about how cool Guatemala is, and what great things I'll be able to do while I'm there, because that helps me a lot to focus on the "yay!" part of the upcoming trip, rather than the "eek!" part.

Tomorrow, I do girly stuff with my hair. Suggestions welcome, with no promises that I'll take them :)

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