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Ten years ago, I worked on a study exploring the effect of efforts to get people to change their health habits if the information they received was given personally rather than through impersonal means like PSAs and posters. (I left the job before the results came in.) One of the things we were advising people to do to improve their health and the length/quality of their life was to take a multivitamin. At the time, research suggested that taking a multivitamin had a measurable positive effect on lifespan.

More recent research, though, suggests that it doesn't, and, in fact, that taking a multivitamin can decrease your lifespan.

It's hard to keep up with research results about health, and boy, doesn't it seem like we're given different recommendations every week? But in case you, like me, and like, I fear, those thousands of people who participated in that study I was involved with, had taken the "multivitamins are good" message and stopped paying attention, you may want to reevaluate your choices. Even if you end up deciding that what you're doing now is the right way to go, it's good to do so with updated data.

This Slate article has a bunch of good links to help you do that.

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