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I had a fun day with hawkegirl and Co in Salem. I'd never been up to visit Salem, and Jack's been raving about this sushi place she found earlier this summer, as well as a neat Tshirt shop, so I told her I wanted to go sometime. We wandered around all the kitchy witchy shops and had lunch at Lyceum. Nummy.

I ended up feeling really sleepy -- I almost fell asleep on the bus after Jack dropped me off in Waltham at the end of the day. Was supposed to have dinner with minemi as a post-bday celebration, but we postponed, so I just bussed home. When I got off the bus, I decided I'd see if any of the salons on Harvard Ave had time for a walk-in hair trim.

One did, and I proceeded to have my first experience that explained to me why people get attatched to stylists! It was kinda fun to walk in and chat with her briefly and when she said she had time to cut my hair, I took it out of the bun and she almost fell over at how long it is! That was funny 'cause I haven't been thinking about my hair as remarkably long.

I was just getting a trim, but she was really fun and interesting, and she talked about the sorts of things she likes to do as a stylist, yadda yadda. She complained that trimming my hair 2 inches was really unfulfilling to her as an artist, so I promised to go back to her next spring for The Big Chop. She got all excited about it. Very cute :)

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