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Today was another full and pleasant day. I had lunch with my uncle Doug at The Joshua Tree in Davis Square. It's a restaurant I've been meaning to try since moving to the area and noticing it 5 years ago, so it was a nice treat to finally try it! We had a nice lunch, visited with some of his friends, and went to his house to check out storage possibilities. It looks like his basement will work well for almost everything. It's a bit damp, so I'll have to find something else to do with my mattress, and I may put one or two boxes of Nice clothes in the attic, where they will be safe from the damp. But! I now have a plan of attack for dealing with my stuff, which is a big win. I also futzed, unsuccessfully, sadly, with his cable modem to try to get him online again, but he'll have to call comcast to get it working.

After that, I met mizarchivist downtown and we rode out to Lexington for some clay painting and dinner. fubar, and Julie joined us for ice cream, and then we all hung out at DMH, along with quiet_elegance. After music and other entertainment, mizarchivist dropped me at Alewife, and I rode home.

Let it be said, in case anyone's wondering, that it drive me batty when people push onto a train before letting people who want off to exit. Yes, this helps the process go so much more smoothly, and yet, the concept escapes so many. *sigh*

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