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I have historically not listened to music when trying to fall asleep, because when I've tried, I've found that while it feels restful, it actually engages my brain and keeps me awake.

For a variety of reasons that aren't that interesting, I ended up feeling like music would help me sleep last night, after a couple of hours of not being able to, and I found something quiet and dreamy, and, indeed, I did fall asleep soon after putting it on. And I'm pretty sure the music was the reason, not just that I had sat up and kind of changed gears.

ANYWAY, this has me thinking that I should have more music to hand that I can experiment with for sleep; this is where you come in: advise me!

What I'm looking for is music that's pretty quiet and drifty. It absolutely must not have English or Spanish lyrics, and I really prefer a minimum of words at all, except perhaps for very slow chanting. If it has a beat, it should be very slow: less than 60bpm, and preferably less than that. Watery, foresty, windy sounds are great.

Beyond that, I'm kind of curious to hear what's out there. Do you have any recommendations? Leave them here! I'm more interested in artists and/or albums than particular songs, unless the songs are very long.
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