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Hot Chocolate Madness: update #1

After failing to get the hot chocolate project onto my to-do list for the first couple of weeks of the year, on Saturday, I visited Paris Creperie with spike where we tried the raspberry nuttella HC and the mint nuttella HC. (Sorry, _sabriel_; we'll have to find a different place to try together!)

Both were, I thought, disappointingly low on the chocolate scale, and both the raspberry and mint flavors didn't really make any effort to pretend not to be artificial. On the other hand, they were a pleasing texture/mouthfeel, and at $2.50 each, the smalls were reasonably-priced. They were a little overly sweet, even to my fairly sweet-friendly taste, but they didn't leave unswirlable sludge on the bottom of the mug, so that was good. Still, as the first of the "top 10" I've visited, I fear I'm in for a number of rather lackluster and disappointing HCs this winter. Overall: C-
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