ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

I forgot to update you all last night! I made it to NYC with no problems whatsoever. I understand the storm was a bit of a bust in Boston, which completely figures. It was very stormy and blustery in NY for most of the evening, and I was glad to have a hotel room right across the street from Penn Station. I ventures out once and was almost immediately covered in a damp layer of icy snow.

After a blessedly restful night (but for the yelling people in the neighboring room, who I can't remember what they were saying but did make not of the time in case there was a later police investigation), I'm on the LIRR on my wayto JFK.

For some reason, I couldn't check in online, which at this point makes me paranoid, but the correct flight is on my itinerary, so I'm going on faith that it'll all work and I'll be having dinner in Berkeley tonight!


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