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California at last!

Hello, internet! Guess where I am!

Yes, that's right, I'm in California! Yaaaaay!

I woke up crazy early this morning and took the train from Penn Station to JFK. I love public transit, but I'm always kind of nervous about using new systems, especially in big cities, which I'm always convinced are going to eat me alive, despite the fact that I love them and am actually a pretty competent user of urban infrastructure. But the train was easy and fast and inexpensive and I had lots of time at the airport to hang out and get sleepy.

The storm that was a total bust in Boston was actually a pretty big storm in NYC, though not a full-on blizzard by my lights. But it had delayed our plane/crew coming in last night, so we got a late start this morning owing to their need to get their minimum 8 hours rest. This meant we took off almost two hours late. But we took off! So I can't really complain.

Also, I ended up in a seat where I got all of my drinks and snacks and movies for free, which was wonderful.

Then contessagrrl and elvendoll picked me up at the airport with a mocha, and contessagrrl and I had dinner with amber_phoenix and longueur and their littles and there was delicious food and a hottub under the night sky and light misting drizzle and now I'm not in a moving vehicle and won't have to be again for almost 12 hours and everything is wonderful.

Thanks, world, for being awesome.
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