ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

SO. You know what's awesome? In-flight wireless. Seriously, there are some parts of living in the future that are really friggin' great. I wonder if I try to book my next Virgin flight while on the plane if I get an extra good deal?

[Brief pause.]

No. Oh, well.

Anyway, so I had this vacation planned. And then it was nearly ruinedcanceled due to Virgin America giving in to the hype about last week's big storm. Thanks to the not-panicked thinking of spike and moominmolly, I ended up, instead, on a train to NYC last Wednesday, and then on a plane to SF a day late, but well within time to rescue the vacation.

At this point, there are way too many people I want to see in the Bay Area each time I visit, so I inevitably end up missing a lot of them (you), especially on these shorter long-weekend trips. I'll be back in May for a longer visit and if I missed you this time, I'll hope to see you then!

As for the day I didn't get arrested ... I don't think I was actually in danger of being arrested so much as getting a ticket/fine, but it turns out that the Oakland Parks and Recreation have a more constrained definition of "nudity" than I do (or than Massachusetts, for that matter). Pics in a later entry...

I'm sad for vacation to be coming to a close, but thankful for the convenience of cross-country travel, and looking forward to being home.
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