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I have a problem.

And I hear that the first step in dealing with a problem is to acknowledge it, so I'm acknowledging it: I have a problem. An addiction, you might say. It's costly, and if I let it, it will result in other, bigger problems. But it's hard to resist, anyway.

My problem, in this case, is that I adore bedding. No, no, get your minds out of the gutter. I mean, I like that, too, but I'm talking about sheets. Awesome, buttery, delicious, luxurious sheets. And pillowcases. And duvet covers. Seriously, you think this can't be a problem? You're wrong.

Several years ago, before I realized where this could lead, I went on a sheet-buying craze. At the time, Filene's Basement was open, which meant that I could go there, fondle the sheets through the fancy plastic packaging, and then buy the richest, most delicious-feeling sheets right there on the spot. Five sets of sheets later, however, I realized that this couldn't go on. Who has the room? It's a pleasure to have luxurious sheets, but, really, 3-4 sets is more than enough.

So I haven't bought new sheets in at least five years, and I'm proud of myself!

But I recently spent the night in a bed that had the most blissfully luscious sheets I could imagine -- and I have a pretty good imagination! And I think I can talk myself into bringing one of my old sheet sets to Goodwill if I find a more-awesome replacement for it.

But there's no more Filene's Basement! And buying sheets on the internet can be hit or miss.

Is there anyone else out there who shares my predilection for sheets that make you squirm with delight? Where do you shop?
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