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Those of you who are following miss_chance's lj know that our house is being insulated this week. We've been anticipating/dreading this for months, and it's finally here, and, as is often the case with such things, it's both worse than and not as bad as I'd feared. The house is in chaos (or, as I typoed last night and then kept, "on chaos", which is much like being on fire), I'm sneezing pretty constantly when I'm home from the dust, the cat is completely freaked out, and all of our furniture and other possessions are quarantined against interior walls and covered in plastic. It's a little weird. But it'll be over soon! And then we'll have a much better insulated house, which will make our lives better in a lot of ways.

Unfortunately, last night, the spot where I set my laptop for the night turned out to be a bad place for it, as the plastic it was sitting on was enclosing the heat vent into my room, and it therefore got flung off the shelf onto the floor around 3am. It appears, on a very quick check this morning, to still work, except for the DVD drive, which looks a little mangled and won't spit out the CD it's holding. I don't use that so much that it will be a huge problem if it turns out to be the only real problem, though. *fingers crossed*

Because it never rains but pours, this is also the week of my work's annual meeting, so the office is also in chaos of a different sort.

I think starting Friday afternoon around 3, I'm going to sleep for a week.
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