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I had a largely lousy weekend, which today is making a great and effective effort to redeem.

I could not love the weather more. I look forward to warmer days, too, but the bright, cool air today made me smile the instant I set foot out my front door. I love this kind of day in both spring and fall: in spring, it promises warmth and in fall, it promises coziness, and is refreshing and brilliant no matter when it happens.

And I had lunch at my favorite coffee shop, which has just added a cheese and charcuterie menu. Awesome officemate Kate and I slipped out for a long lunch of cheese and salami and surprise truffles (the chocolate kind) and broad-ranging conversation with the barista who I have developed a full-blown friendcrush on. The cafe is a funny little garden-level space, with a bar and five stools and is frequented by singles and small groups. Something about the way the space is laid out really lends itself to chatting with other people who are there, and I love that I've ended up having a whole bunch of fun and interesting conversations -- from how to raise a ballerina who isn't a jerk to humane fishing practices around the world to the gang wars of Boston's past to which ADD drugs are the most fun -- with strangers while getting coffee or, now, having lunch. It makes me really happy.

And I have a Cadbury creme egg.

Today? Today can stay.
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