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Yesterday, on my way to work, I passed one of my neighbors who I've come to be friendly with because she's often out walking her dog when I'm walking to or from Davis Square. I haven't seen her as much lately, because she recently had foot surgery, so hasn't been out and about, but she happened to be on her porch as I was passing by in the morning, so we were able to catch up for a moment as I passed.

On my way home, I waved at fennel in his office, as I do several times a week. This one-second interaction is disproportionately cheering about 99% of the time, considering its size and scope.

Then I passed my downstairs neighbors as they headed into Davis; we smiled at each other and said hi, but didn't stop. And as I was crossing Willow Ave, I heard a voice calling my name and turned to see my friend Katherine driving by and waving at me. I hardly ever see her, but it made me smile just to pass each other and wave.

And all of this made me think about how much I value these little interactions and how they all disproportionately brighten my day and sense of happiness and well-being. I like that my life is such that I can live in a big (to me -- remember, I grew up in a town of 200 people) metropolitan area and still have many of the pleasures of small town living.
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