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bleh. bleh, I say.

Not sleeping, feeling antsy about money. I've been spending too much (although, to be fair, big chunks of it are for my trip), and my next credit card bill is gonna hurt, especially since I'm not working. I knew this would happen, between needing a lot of stuff in preparation for travel and having more free time with which to spend my money. Still, though, I need to rein myself in for the rest of the month.

I'm sure part of what I'm antsy about it general nerves about upcoming travel, and blues at having a great weekend come to an end, but it's coming out in big waves of financial angst.

I got up to pull up my credit card statement and fought with the online access system for several minutes, until I figured out it wasn't my computer that was being recalcitrant, but, in fact, their system. So I gave up and called. It's not as bad as it could be, but, still, it's a lot, and I've got a fair chunk of the billing statement still to go.

*sigh* *bites fingernails* I suppose asking the universe to hand me a winning lottery ticket would be selfishly out-of-proportion to the fact that I'll have to start making myself dinner rather than taking myself out, eh?

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