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When conversations collide ...

Recently, I inherited an old iphone/ipod dock-speaker setup from spike, who graduated to a better one. When I first set it up, though, it had some weird noise mixed into music when I tried to play it off my phone, and spike suggested I clean the connection with rubbing alcohol and a lint-free rag and try again. I did, but then forgot to tell him about it, until the other night, in the midst of a conversation about his considering taking his 7yo to a play that would run late.

You know how, on IM, you sometimes carry on two conversations at a time, kind of interweaving them more or less seamlessly but still understanding which comments refer to which conversation?

Yeah. And you know how, sometimes, that doesn't so much work? And that can be confusing, but you usually figure it out pretty quickly? Well, every once in a while, it takes a little longer.:

me: how long is the show?
me: probably 2-3 hours, eh?
spike: yeah, I'd guess that.
spike: 8-10 or so
me: but! I think you should try it if hte most likely lack of success options are either you leave early or she falls asleep on you there
spike: scaring the daylights out of her every 20 minutes?
me: *giggle*
me: might be troubling to other audience members
spike: Fine.
spike: Scare the daylights out of EVERYONE every 20 minutes? There - is that fair enough for you?
me: *lol*
me: oh, hey, I forgot to tell you my-new/your-old iphone dock speakery thing is working now!
spike: I'd bet a dollar that she'd drop off during one of the mid-show downtempo numbers.
spike: oh gr8!
spike: what was the trick?
me: that would be my guess, too, and that seems good to me
me: I have happy memories of going to shows, falling asleep, sleepy rides home, etc
me: a totally symbolic rub with old tshirt and alcohol
me: mostly ritualistic
me: but it worked!
spike: tshirt and what?
spike: (wtf??)
me: rubbing alcohol
spike: something that creepy uncle louis did while babysitting?
me: *laugh*
me: it sounds like that, huh?
me: but, no, I don't have an uncle louis
me: my creepy uncle is albert
spike: ok.
spike: so what's up with the molotov rubdown?
me: well, I ... wait, what do you mean what's up with it?
spike: What does that ha to do with showtunes?
me: what's a show tune without flame effects?
me: :D
spike: um... Oliver?
me: sorry, it had to happen sooner or later. sooner was really inevitable, of course
me: but now I don't know what you're talking about
spike: Oliver is a show tune without flame effects.
me: oh
me: really? no gay boys?
spike: underage.
spike: twinks. but, good point.
me: yeah, gay boys hate ... exactly :)
me: *laugh*
me: it's refreshing?
spike: so is an ice bath?
me: are we having the same conversation?
spike: or a new president
spike: no.
me: well, that's a relief
spike: "I have happy memories of going to shows, falling asleep, sleepy rides home, etc
a totally symbolic rub with old tshirt and alcohol
mostly ritualistic
but it worked!"
spike: WHAT worked?
spike: And what did it do? And what was it trying to do?
me: LOL
me: oh, god
me: so, I rubbed the connection thingy on the logitech clock dock thing you gave me
spike: LLLLOOOOOLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!
me: with alcohol applied to an old tshirt
me: *laughing*
spike: *re-reads*
me: oh, no, that's too funny
me: you didn't really ...? oh, god, hilarious
me: *rereads with YOUR first take*
me: *cracking up*
spike: *snorting*
me: *tears*
me: I don't think you shoudl rub E with alcohol and an old tshirt
me: people will totally get the wrong idea
spike: even if it keeps her awake for the show?
spike: *laughing*
me: maybe ESPECIALLY then
spike: "totally symbolic" (... of WHAT?)
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