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relative food limitations

So, while I was home (in Wyoming) for Xmas this winter, I noticed something that I've been pondering in the background ever since:

In Wyoming, no one is allergic to food. Or has food sensitivities. Or is vegetarian.

Okay, so, obviously this isn't true (except for the vegetarian thing), right? People must have food allergies or sensitivities, and I just don't know about it, but it's kind of remarkable that I'm having to dig around in my thinking to come up with anyone in Wyoming who has a particular food limitation. Even disregarding the vegetarians in my current social world and simply focusing on food allergies and sensitivities, I can't think of ANY group of six people I'd be likely to invite for a dinner party wherein not one of them has some fussy* food need.

But when I'm back home, we can have dozens of people at one party and there's nary a "Oh, no, I can't eat that, it has [ingredient]."

What gives? Do people with particular food needs gravitate toward urban areas? The east coast? Is there some personality characteristic I especially like that's correlated with food sensitivities? Do people who have food allergies in Wyoming hide it like a secret shame?

* No judgement is intended or implied with "fussy" here.
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