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The Sangria Project, plus Summer Shack and Rattlesnake Cafe sangria reviews

Summer is here, and that means the Hot Chocolate Project is on hiatus, because I am entirely uninterested in hot chocolate at this time of year.

Therefore, let the Sangria Project commence. Like the HCP, the SP will involve trying the sangria at many places around the area and telling you what I think about them. Unlike the HCP, I don't have much of a seed list for places to try, as the only place I've had recommended is Dali. If you have other recommendations, I'm happy to hear them!

My first two reviews are for the sangria at Summer Shack at Alewife, and the Rattlesnake Cafe on Boylston.

Sangria at Summer Shack: It arrived without fruit in it, which is a slight negative in my view, but sipping it, it was clear that there had been fruit sitting in it at some point. It had the depth and interest of flavor that marked a tasty brandy fortifying the wine, and it was nicely balanced between sweet, bitter, tart, and fruity. I like a bubbly sangria, but that's a little less common and they don't get marked down for not being bubbly. Tasty, worth having if you're really in the mood for sangria, but not worth writing home about. B-

Sangria at the Rattlesnake Cafe: I was primed to think this was the best sangria ever, as I skipped out of work early on a Friday afternoon in order to enjoy it, and I was sitting with a friend on the roof deck. Nevertheless, we were both disappointed at how boring it was. It had no fruit in it, and didn't particularly taste like fruit. It tasted mostly like slightly watered wine, actually. On the other hand, after one glass each, it was clear that it was not merely watered wine, which cheered us and made both of us reevaluate it. Overall, I'd have a different drink at the Rattlesnake, but I was solidly tipsy at the end of my half of the carafe, so if what you want is sangria on a roof deck, this will do. C
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