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12 July 2010 @ 11:59 am
I'm considering leaving Wainwright Bank. Can you recommend another banking institution you use and like?
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ruthless compassion: martini handsaroraborealis on July 12th, 2010 04:04 pm (UTC)
They just sold themselves to Eastern Bank, so they won't be the rainbow bank anymore, and I know that other banks do a better job with things like refunding ATM charges and probably other stuff, too (though that's the part I need to figure out). Oh, and I don't love their online banking setup.
... in a handbasketinahandbasket on July 12th, 2010 04:08 pm (UTC)
I agree on all points, but I figure I'll wait and see what Eastern's like. They have great customer satisfaction ratings, so I'm in no rush.
pir on July 12th, 2010 04:15 pm (UTC)
R and I used Eastern Bank when we lived on the North Shore. They were fine at the time although that was the late '90s.
born from jets!!!catness on July 12th, 2010 04:15 pm (UTC)
I can anti-recommend Sovereign and Bank Of America. I love Brookline Bank but it's not near you.
7jtrouble4hire on July 12th, 2010 04:22 pm (UTC)
we're very happy with Watertown Savings Bank. We do savings, checking, and our mortgage through them. When we got out mortgage, they said htey doubted they would ever get sold to a big banking conglomerate, and they hate foreclosing on mortgages.
catcatya on July 12th, 2010 04:28 pm (UTC)
I left Eastern for DCU, which I would definitely recommend.
tamidon on July 12th, 2010 04:58 pm (UTC)
As do feste_sylvain and I
Ron Newmanron_newman on July 12th, 2010 08:29 pm (UTC)
Did you have a bad experience at Eastern?
catcatya on July 13th, 2010 10:04 am (UTC)
not horrible, but yeah - customer service issues.
Purple Vengeance Versiondr_memory on July 12th, 2010 04:32 pm (UTC)
my default response
Credit. Union.
bison need inbbbsg on July 12th, 2010 05:59 pm (UTC)
Re: my default response
yeah, this.
Sapere Audeprimal_pastry on July 12th, 2010 09:46 pm (UTC)
Re: my default response
DancingWolfGrrldancingwolfgrrl on July 12th, 2010 05:01 pm (UTC)
Among big banks, I've had the best experiences with Citizens. I use a big bank account in conjunction with ING pretty successfully.
Medyanimedyani on July 12th, 2010 06:28 pm (UTC)
I've actually had an Eastern Bank account for quite a while (15 years?) and really like them. They have great customer service (really -- they've been super helpful the couple times I've needed them and called from Honduras!), good options on fee and no fee accounts, and pretty much whenever I've expressed dissatisfaction they go above and beyond -- like waiving fees or giving a monetary credit (Wow!) -- to make up for something. They gave me my car loan, too, way back when at a time when I didn't have a full-time job and they really didn't have to take a risk on me.
uberjay on July 13th, 2010 12:37 am (UTC)
I enjoy my Schwab checking account quite a lot, but it would probably be irritating if you had to deposit checks frequently. (you have to mail them in, as there are no local branches/ATMs).

They refund ATM fees, and give you free prepaid deposit envelopes, and link easily to my existing (schwab) investment accounts. They have a decent interest rate, but I think ING's is better.
Deloresdebsquared on July 13th, 2010 02:09 am (UTC)
We have both a credit union account (Quincy Credit Union) and a big bank account (TD Bank-- hurray for the Canadians!). We use QCU for billpay and credit cards, and the other bank for mortgage and car payments.

The credit union is much easier to work with, but it's good to have the other for international wires and stuff like that-- learned this the hard way. :) And, it doesn't cost you anything to have two accounts.
Jesse: happy phoenix fireunderwatercolor on July 13th, 2010 04:37 am (UTC)
I like ING. They are online-only, but they do web and phone well. :) I don't use them for ATMs or depositing checks.
Renata Piperlyonesse on July 13th, 2010 12:48 pm (UTC)
i've been pretty happy with cambridge trust. but it's useful to show up in person every couple years to figure out if your money is in the best type of account for your purposes, as they switch types around and change terms once in awhile, and you can get scrod if you don't keep up with the times.