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Yesterday, I spoke with my mom in the morning, and she gave me news that Avery Mathieu, a kid I used to babysit, had been killed in a car accident.

Avery was 18, and I hadn't seen him since I was a semi-regular babysitter at his house in my early teens. He has/had an older brother, Henry, and sister, Corine, both of whom I connected with more than Avery, since I was able to have more in the way of conversations with them than with him. He was probably three or four, Corine 7ish, Henry 9ish. Avery was a sweet kid, very cooperative (which may also be why I don't have as much an impression of him than I might otherwise), who liked me to leave his bedroom door open when he was going to sleep so the hallway light would spill into his room, and he could hear the rest of us getting ready for bed.

Apparently, this was not an accident involving alcohol, but rather early morning drowsiness, probably on both drivers' parts. Both died. Both young.

Today, I write a card to his family. But what to say in this sort of case? Life and its brutal turns...

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