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Unnamed (so far) soap

Lots to report from the weekend, but for starters, the soap recipe razil, minemi and I created, for my records. If you have a good name idea, let me know! (This means you, sandhawke! Expectations are high after "Open Sesame, Honey")

110 oz Olive oil (about 40oz of which had had calendula petals steeping for several days)
20 oz Cocoa butter (scented)
16.5 oz lye
51 oz breast milk (thanks ghislaine!)
(roughly 6.5% superfat)

At trace:
unspecified amount of calendula petals
2 oz Orange spice fragrance oil (maybe less)

Combined the oils and lye at around 115 degrees and got to trace in about 30 minutes, alternating mixing by hand and mixing with a hand blender. After 24 hours, it was a beautiful light creamy yellow, almost like butter, but I think it'll change as it cures. It's already reasonably hard, so I think it'll be a great soap in another month or two!

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