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fun conversations and random compliments

This conversation has me smiling:

I was waiting for my slice of pizza to be heated up at my local Italian eatery, and there wasn't anyone else in line, so the pizza guy started chatting me up.

PG: How're you doing, my love?
me: Oh, I'm okay, how 'bout you?
PG: You know, it's okay.
PG: Hey, I like your hairdo!
me: Oh, thanks!
PG: I've gotta do mine up like that sometime. [lifts hat to show very normal hairstyle and color]
me: You should! It's funny to me how many people tell me they wish they could put a wild color in their hair. If you wish you could, just do it!
PG: Yeah, you know, black guys don't really do that.
me: I guess that's true! Black women do, though, a lot! I get a lot of comments from black women.
PG: You do it up! I'd look like Dennis Rodman, though. Freak!
me: You could do just a little shot of color!
PG: [laughing]
PG: You know, you oughta do braids next!
me: I did those a couple of years ago, actually! I got extensions and the whole thing.
PG: No way! You do it all! You're really fun. You must be the best to go out with. [hands me my pizza]
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