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Okay, life has gotten too crazy for me to keep up. I had a really nice weekend in Maine visiting razil and blivious with minemi. The Hawke horde came up on Saturday for fun blueberry picking (well, hunting, anyway) and lobsterfest in the evening. I realized once again how much I'm going to miss Liz and Scott when they move over the pond. They have tentatively offered to have me join them as their housegirl, however, which is tempting :)

I'm housesitting for Mack this week. I love his house and yard, so it's nice to be here, but, wow, am I being less productive than I should be, as far as packing goes. At least I'm getting to do all the laundry that needs doing while I'm here. Tomorrow will, I hope, be a big day of packing, after lunch with Elizabeth. Today was going to be, but, well, I ended up sleeping for 3 hours this afternoon. Much needed, but not productive in a direct sense.

Upcoming before I leave for Guatemala (I hope):
-review of Icarus (monday lunch) (and other reviews of other restaurants to visit this week)
-angst about leaving
-angst about owning stuff
-angst about angst

If anyone knows where the Mary Poppins of moving can be found, please let me know. I could use a visit from her this week.

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