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Well, I've made some good headway in packing. I abhor packing. It's one of those things for which I have a strong, long-lived hatred. Why, then, you might ask, do I do it every year or two? I wish I knew.

I'm pretty much through packing all the easy stuff -- clothes, books, CDs. Now I'm into the little stuff that takes a long time to pack because it's not obvious how it should be packed, or I have to sort through it first, or some other thing. Bleh.

In good news, I have a whole bunch of stuff for the mosaic yard sale, or for goodwill, if getting it all organized enough for the yard sale seems too overwhelming, which it certainly does at the moment. It feels good to divest myself of stuff. I have so much in the way of nice clothing, it's hard to give it away, but, really, no matter how nice it is, if I never wear it, what's the point?

I have one more night in my apartment -- the rest of the nights, I'm spending at places I'm housesitting. This makes for a somewhat frazzled living situation, but overall, I think it's good, because it means I can totally tear up my apartment without regard for things like, "Oh, I can't pack that fan because I need it at night," or "I can't pack my pots and pans until I know I'm not going to be cooking anymore."

If you are in the Boston area and you have a vehicle with some carrying capacity that you can share a day or two, or you, yourself, have some carrying capcity (ie, would like ot help me carry boxes :) I would greatly appreciate it. For the most part, I think I can do all the carrying myself, because I have very little in the way of big furniture, but help is always nice.

I have a fairly constant, low-level headache, and there's some question about some rent not having been paid (*sigh* - between a landlord who apparently can't keep his books, and a roommate who certainly can't, this has been a weird year as far as financial influences around me), but the end is in sight. This is good. It'll be even better when it's all done. And then (holy shit!) I leave for Guatemala Sept 5. Scary. I'm obviously in denial whilst dealing with the moving aspect of things. Sheesh.

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