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For both wives and husbands in our sample, those who spend more time on household labor report more frequent sex. Even after controlling for time spent in paid labor, the positive association between hours spent on housework with sexual frequency remains, and paid work hours are also positively associated with sexual frequency. These findings suggest that as life gets busier and time gets tighter, a select group of go-getter spouses can successfully balance multiple time commitments. They devote their time to paid work and housework, while maintaining an active sexual life. In other words, rather than compromise their sex life, this group of go-getters seem to make sex a priority. We further speculate that even if women and men adjust their schedules to prioritize having sex, these adjustments do not involve reducing housework or their labor force commitments. In sum, the much lamented speedup of everyday life and resulting time crunch does not appear to have adverse effects on sexual frequency among our sample of married couples.

From Who Has the Time? The Relationship Between Household Labor Time and Sexual Frequency by Gager, C.T. and Yabiku, S.T.
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