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On Wednesday, I flew to San Francisco and was immediately swept up into a flurry of preparatory shopping and cooking and packing for Burning Man. I barely had a chance to realize I was in the Bay Area before contessagrrl and I dove into a car to drive to Marysville for a concert last night, and from there to Reno, where we fell into bed exhausted for 6 hours. I now have about half an hour of down time before we meet elvendoll and sol3 for breakfast and then continue on our way to RaverdoonBlack Rock City.

I'll be out of contact entirely until sometime on Monday, September 6, and not really back in contact until Tuesday or possibly mid-September.

If you want to find me on the playa, I'll be at Summer Camp in the neighborhood of Athens & 4:00. If you have an emergency and need to reach me, you can send an email to including the information about my location and someone will try to get the message to me -- and will probably succeed within a day or so. Otherwise, wall country can wait. I'll see you all in a week.
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