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Wow, what a good night. After the big thunderstorm rolled through, the evening was foggy and cool. I had an incredibly nice dinner with Kim, including drinks at the bar before dinner! I should do that more often - what a treat! And good to catch up with Kim, who I'll be missing a lot while I'm away.

Yesterday was busy -- I met my uncle Doug at Fruitlands for wandering and lunch -- that's an odd place, but a beautiful location. The food was good, but the service was lacking -- lunch, overall, was nice. He's having a problem with drainage/septic/whatsit, so I'm not going to start moving stuff into the basement until after the plumber has come, which should be Monday *fingers crossed*.

I'm well into the "difficult stuff" stage of packing, which is annoying, but, overall, good, as it means that I really am making progress. Today, I'm feeling pretty mellow about it. It helps to know that I have a full week to get everything done, and, although I know that I'll have more stress about it all before it's done, it feels very doable at this point, and that's Good.

I even managed to sleep until 9:30 this morning (with about half an hour of wakefulness around 6:00.) Mmmm, sleep. Fabulous! And today is unbelievably nice -- sunny, breezy, dry, warm in the sun, cool in the shade. Nummy.

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