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Is it smarmy if I just keep posting about how pleased I am with almost everything in my life?

I love fall. Today is perfect, and I'm only slightly bitter that I couldn't be out apple picking. Maybe Friday before I head north for BLUEBERRYFEST 2002, in which Liz, Amy and I will make more concoctions involving blueberries in 2 or 3 days than any 3 people should over the course of a year. Also, perhaps, apples. *bounce*

Life is settling into a good, if busy, schedule, now that I'm moved and comfy in the new place. I still need at least one more bookshelf, and unpacking is at a standstill waiting for that. Anyone have a spare bookshelf? (hehehe - I crack myself up.)

Looks like a King Richard's Fair(e) day October 13; let me know if you're interested and able.

I'm feeling strangely switchy. I'm dating totally the wrong people for this. Hrm.
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