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Today in Things That Drive Me Crazy

There's a fancy condo development between my office and my favorite coffee shop, and a lot of their day-to-day operations drive me a little batty.

For example, all the residents valet park, and at busy times, there's a long line of cars waiting to be parked and usually blocking the sidewalk in the process, because the drivers want to get their cars into the valet area and out of the street, but they don't think about how then their car just sits taking up the whole sidewalk.

Today, though, there's something new. One of their maintenance guys was on the sidewalk with a leafblower, blowing water and tiny bits of litter off "their" sidewalk and into the street. Now, okay, the city provides streetsweeping regardless, so I don't care about the fact that they're sweeping the sidewalk trash into the street (and, in fact, since I wish sidewalk maintenance and upkeep got the same attention as streets, I think this is a good use of a public service for public amenities). But, a leafblower? Really? It's stinky, and noisy, and energy inefficient. Couldn't he just use a broom??
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