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getting shit done

I've been thinking a lot about how much more I get done when I have friendly company. I've long known this about myself with regards to boring tasks, like tidying and cleaning, or paying bills and general personal organization. But in recent years, I've also found that it's true of fun projects, as well. I mean, sure, I don't really need company to chop up fruit and put it in a bottle with vodka, but I'm far more likely to make liqueurs and other crazy kitchen projects when I have a collaborator, or even just someone hanging out with me while I do it.

Even when I have the free time and materials for a project, if I'm by myself, I often wind up frittering it away by doing ... well, nothing much, really.

Do you have this experience? How do you counteract it (other than the obvious-but-not-always-achievable solution of having company whenever you want to get something done)?

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