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It's been a while since I've had what I would call an in-person crush. I have a couple of crushes on lj people whose style of writing or insights tickle my fancy, and I have some people I know in person who I know I want to expand the context of our relationship when the opportunity arises...

But what I'm talking about here is the type of crush where your heart beats a little faster when you see the person, and you get all twitterpated when you talk to hir, and you feel like you're being a doofus and not coming up with anything interesting to say, but you really WANT to be interesting and keep talking, even if it's just a ridiculous conversation about how comfortable hir shoes are because you've been thinking about getting a pair like them...

Now, I'm not saying it's fun to feel doofy, but overall, it IS fun to have a crush, even with the attatched doofiness.

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