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I, like billions of other people in the world, love music. I love good music and I love bad music, and I love a lot of music in between. I love listening to it, dancing to it, reading to it, fucking to it, driving to it, and laying in the grass staring at the sky to it (among other things.)

One of my favorite things about music, is that it makes me feel new things -p hysical things, that is. Because one of the kinds of synesthesia that I have is sounds getting mixed up into physical sensations.

I was recently listening to the radio and heard OMG, by Usher, and there's a section in the refrain that "sound-feels" the way water feels as you slowly push through the surface tension with dry skin, and it's just friggin' bizarre and awesome.

Yesterday, I was again listening to the radio (pop music is one of my embarrassing weaknesses) and heard Like a G6 for the first time, and whatever the background sound is throughout basically the whole song is like having a trampoline in my torso.

Brains are weird (and awesome).
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