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This came across my inbox this evening:

"Community isn't complicated. It's a bunch of people who decide to grow together. They stick with each other through the teenage years, marriage, children, getting old, getting sick, and finally dying -- all the while helping each other across the rugged terrain of life."

I take a bit of exception to "the rugged terrain of life" -- it smacks a little of thinking this world is Evil and Something To Be Endured (as opposed to enjoyed), but I do agree with the underlying sentiment.

To which I responded:

As a mountaineer, this phrase appeals to me. Life certainly can have its rough spots. Just as in mountaineering, for some, the spectacular views, opportunity for exploration and discovery, solitude and companionship make the tough hills and river crossings worthwhile, life has its own benefits and agonies, which are perceived differently by different people. I, for one, like the rough terrain -- I feel good and accomplished when I get over it, and I've not yet found a place where getting through it didn't end up at a spectacular reward, which is all the more rewarding for the work I did to find it.

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