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bleeeeeeeh (TSA)

Sent to Virgin America this morning:
I write to you, my preferred airline in hopes that you can help me remain a customer. I typically fly 3-4 round trips with you per year, all of which are recreational, and I am consistently happy to fly on Virgin America.

I have decided to limit my optional air travel until the current state of security theater is scaled back. I believe that you are position to advocate for passengers' rights and reasonable, appropriate treatment from the TSA.

I want effective, evidence-based security measures that improve safety without invading every passenger's right to privacy. The new full-body scanners do not qualify, based on the research I have read, and are costly and offensive. The recently "enhanced" pat-downs are invasive and meet the legal definition of sexual battery.

As much as I love travel, and enjoy flying with Virgin America specifically, I am unwilling to undergo routine sexual battery for the privilege.

I hope Virgin can help, as I hope to be flying with you again someday soon.
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