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I somehow managed to end up without my apartment keys today. This means that either they fell off my backpack at some point between yesterday afternoon and today, or that I (incredibly stupidly) left the apartment without locking it behind me yesterday, thereby both leaving the apartment unlocked AND making it so that I don't have my keys to get in after my roommates, much more intelligently than I, bring their keys with them and lock the door as they leave. The latter seems like the most likely scenario to me.

This is a huge pain in my ass, since I had big plans re: packing today, and now, not only can I not get in to do the last of the packing, but I can't do the car-loading that I had planned to do this afternoon so as not to completely wipe myself out tomorrow, which is the first day that I can move things into Doug's basement.

And, of course, I'm worried that I won't figure out a good solution by tomorrow, thereby eliminating my first good day of moving, too. suck Suck SUCK.

Intellectually, I know this will all work out, even if it just means I have to call a locksmith or something, but emotionally, it's major suckage, and my stomach hurts :

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