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adventures in mixology

Ever since eestiplika and I made The Scofflaw as one of the signature drinks for her bday party, I've been on a rye kick, which recently expanded to include bourbon. These are delicious, warm spirits that make heady drinks that are perfect for the cold weather.

Last week, I was about to sweeten a glass of rye with a bit of grenadine when I realized that I had more interesting options, like maple syrup! But then I remembered that I had an even more interesting option: amber_phoenix's vanilla plum jam, which is delicious and juicy. She's not happy with how it set up, but I'm delighted with the idea it gave me, so I call it a win.

I poured about a teaspoon of it into the bottom of the glass, swirled it with bourbon and a dash of orange bitters, and then stirred an ice cube into that after all the jam was dissolved into the beverage. It was delicious. I've made this and variations on it several times in the last week, and I've enjoyed all of them.

(Current contenders for names for this drink, btw, are Muddled Wit, Dark Harvest, and Sultry Midnight. Other suggestions welcome!)

And this has opened up a whole new world of mixology for me: jams, jellies and preserves! There are so many good ones! Why is this news to me? Heck if I know. But what I do know is this:

Marmalade is much better in irish whiskey than it is in vodka. It's actually terrible in vodka, surprisingly so. But it was totally enjoyable in bourbon, tequila, spiced rum, and scotch. spike and I named the winner of the taste tests (marmalade + irish whiskey) The Paddington.

I'm thinking a crepe+drink party may be the best setting in which to explore the various applications of jams, jellies, and preserves to best advantage.
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