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Revere Beach visit

Last Saturday, eestiplika and I had a plan to celebrate the end of her semester with a visit to Journeyman for dinner (my first, I'm embarrassed to say!) and we both found ourselves free earlier in the day. She reminded me of my desire to visit the beach more in winter, so we set out to visit Revere Beach for sunset.

I'm completely sold on the beach in winter; maybe even more than in summer. The main thing I love about the beach in summer is swimming, which I really do love, but there's something deeply special about it in the fierce, blustery cold of winter.

My feets were there:
Feets and sand

And I, of course, couldn't get enough of looking at the pattern of water in sand:
Alluvial flow

But of all the pictures, I took, I think this one is most like what it feels like there:
Dusky Romy
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