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Okay, I've had a few busy days.

Tuesday, I borrowed catya's car, drove it back to the place I'm housesitting, and slept.

Wednesday, dbang picked me up in the morning, we dropped her off to work, and I used her and jacflash's van to take two loads over to my uncle's basement. The first load was mostly boxes, and the next load was shelves. Then I decided I was tired and had done enough, went home and showered, then picked up dbang and had a lovely evening, including delicious sandwiches and ice cream and nice weather.

Thursday, I took catya's car, still loaded with stuff, to Doug's basement, then went back to my apartment where the new tenants met me and moved some of their stuff in (early - they had to leave their place at noon. I'm unclear why, but they were so happy to have been allowed to put their stuff in the dining room, they helped me move my bed -- yay!), and ghislaine and her twins came and kept me company while I gathered up scattered odds and ends and last bits to pack. Then we got lunch and ate at the park. It was fabulously nice to have company!

Then I took the loaded car to the Super88, met minemi for bubble tea (yum!), gossiped, rearranged and drove her back to work, drove to Homeport, where I unloaded, showered, got that one kid into the car, and drove to Burlington to pick up catya and switch cars, and then drove to Salem for hawkegirl's bday dinner at Lyceum, then back to Homeport for the night.


Today, I took the last bits to Doug's basement, picked up my last stuff from the old office, bought some stuff at REI, had lunch with minemi at Namaskar in Davis (yum!), dropped minemi off at work, and didn't go back to my apartment.

I still have some work to do at the apartment - a few things to pick up and bring to homeport (plants, winter coat, etc), some clothes and books to take to goodwill or to someone who can get them to the Mosaic yard sale, but I'm very nearly done, and it feels GREAT! It also feels great to have taken the afternoon and evening OFF from all that!

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