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music can't be rushed

My music library is a mess, and I'm trying, slowly, to make some sense of it. Tonight, my goal is to get rid of all (obvious) duplicates.

Along the way, I'm listening to a bunch of my music, some of which I haven't listened to in a while, and some of which I just downloaded, and some of which I listen to regularly because it's awesome, and I'm having that experience where ... well, I assume everyone has this experience sometimes, where you're listening to this song, and you see the next one that's coming up and you can hardly wait for it, but the one you're listening to right now is so so so good that you don't want to rush it, and the one you just finished was ALSO great and you're sad it's over, and you wish you could listen to ALL of it at once in an orgy of auditory gluttony. That happens to you, right?

Unlike so many sensory experiences, music can't be rushed. I both love and hate that about it.
Tags: awesome, happy, music

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