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unlocking insights

I feel like, in life, I go through phases of learning and growing. I'll discover and "unlock" a new skill or insight, and then I'll take a year or two or three (or more!) integrating it and bringing it into my regular practice. And along the way, I'll be discovering and unlocking others, of course, but it often feels like there's on particular theme to all the little skills and insights I'm growing into.

This year, my biggie is being compassionate with myself. This one is huge, and spills out into pretty much everything else. It means I cut myself slack where I previously didn't, and that I let my feelings count as much as my intellect when they're not in agreement. It means that often when I'm trying to figure out what the "right" thing to do is in a tough situation, the question I ask myself is, "What advice would I give a friend in my position?" because I am so often more compassionate with my friends than I am with myself.

What life lessons have you recently unlocked?
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