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I got a lot of my to-dos done today, hooray for me. I dropped my last batch of library books off in Copley Square, dropped off my RCN stuff, went to the bank and changed my address, made sure they know not to cancel my ATM card when I use it in Guatemala, and took out way more cash than I like to carry around with me, in small enough denominations that it feels like REALLY A LOT OF MONEY. That reminded me that I needed to get a cash belt, so I did :)

I also had a lovely sushi lunch with dbang, at the first place I ever had sushi, with minemi, lo those many years ago. I did some paperwork and relaxation in the afternoon, and started laundry (oops, need to move it to the dryer!), then had a good going-away dinner in Waltham with a whole bunch of people. I'd been a little skeptical of the going away dinner thing, but I'm glad people made me do it, as it was quite a fun evening. The only down side to a party that big is that it's hard to get to talk to everyone, but, on the other hand, there's something great about having a bunch of your friends in one place and just letting THEM talk. Very satisfying in a big picture kind of way.

Lots of goodbyes, mostly not teary, hooray for me again. And tomorrow is Last Day. Whoa.

For tomorrow: drug store run, photocopies of important documents, lunch with minemi, last stuff.

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